Sunday, December 7, 2008

Greatest Covers - Week 9

This is a weekly post chronicling the greatest covers in the annals of comic history. In a medium that demands creativity and imagination, these are the cream of the crop, displaying a level of originality, daring and draftsmanship that truly set them apart. Send me images or links to anything that you think would make the cut. And here we go...

This week I've chosen a cover from a series very close to my heart. It's Blackhawk#263, circa 1983, with a cover from the legendary Gil Kane. Scott's a Blackhawk fan? I know, it's shocking. While every cover from Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle's run was amazing, this one has two of my favorite things from the series: Domino and the Warwheel. Even though this team only lasted just less than 2 years on the book, it's one of my favorite runs of any creative team on any book, ever. DC needs to put together a hardcover collection of this right now.
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