Saturday, September 26, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con

I'll out at the Long Beach Comic Con, Oct 2-4, along with my MAM partner Matt Bennett. We're at table 96. Come by and get a sketch, a book, and a handshake. Request a commission today and pick it up at the show. See you there!

MAM Summer 2009 on Sale!

I can't believe I didn't mention this! The Summer 2009 issue of Mysterious Adventure Magazine is on sale now at By Scott Godlewski, Matt Bennett, Matt Kaufenberg, Joshua Covey, Michael Kasinger, Michael Babinski, Dan Schkade, and Ryan Cody. Go get it!


9x12 commission. Get yours today!

No Information Available

Hopefully, I'll be able to say something about this soon, but not now. Sorry. Try to enjoy it anyway.