Monday, January 10, 2011

Amazing Arizona Con Recap

Congrats to Jimmy Jay for putting on the new Arizona show, successfully filling the void left by Phoenix Comicon when they moved their show to May. Seemed like a decent crowd, if only for the Kirkman and Loeb crews. Artist alley crowds were patchy and unmotivated. Or maybe that was me. I've come to the realization that I'm not really a con artist (unless you count my gig with BOOM! where they pay me for being a no-talent hack. Get it?) I'm too busy/lazy to put in any con prep time and produce prints and material that are in line with specific con themes (eg. zombies at AACC). I am not a salesman or self-promoter. Only sold one sketch and spent most of the two days either working on Dracula pages or bullshitting with Ryan Cody, who made a very excellent booth-mate. The best part of any con is getting to chat with friends and peers. Caught up with Shannon Denton a bit. Only got to see Eric Esquivel for a second, though it was a mighty entertaining second. Met the really cool Andy Kuhn. Talking with Tony Parker always makes my day. Ben Glendenning made sufficient fun of my hair. Thanks, jerk. Here are some sketches (only the Captain America one was by request).

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